Blondie-B 6G6B Bassman Clone'63-B - Head
Reproduction of the Fender® '63 Blonde Bandmaster 6G7A. This classic clone of the 1963 amp is great for Surf or Rock, The Normal channel is clean but will give you smooth break when pushed, Vibrato channel has the Leslie like Harmonic Vibrato (2 -1/2 pre-amp tubes), heralded by many enthusiasts as the best vibrato made. Add a 6G15 Slinky Reverb and it is one great Surf amp. Solid state rectifier with adjustable internal bias pot, (4 or 8 ohm speaker option).

$1825.00 Head Only (does not include CA sales tax or shipping - 50% non-refundable deposit required)
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Front View 1
'63-B - Front View 1
- Front View 2
'63-B - Front View 2
- Back View
'63-B - Back View
- Back View 2
'63-B - Back View 2

Owner's Manual

Power 40 Watts
Cabinet (Head) Dimensions: (H) 8 1/2" x (W) 25 1/2" x (D) 9"
Rough Blonde Tolex with Beige Grill Cloth.
Brown Dogbone handle. Chrome Corners
Brown and White Faceplate with Vintage White Barrel Knobs
Tubes 2 x Groove Tube 5881 (Power Tubes),
4 x JJ 12AX7 2x TAD 7025 (Preamp Tubes)
Output Transformer Mercury Magnetics
Power Transformer Mercury Magnetics
Controls Normal Channel: 2 Inputs - Volume, Treble, Bass
Vibrato Channel: 2 Inputs - Volume, Treble, Bass, Speed, Intensity, Presence
Rear: Ground (non functional) Fuse, On, Standby, Speaker Out, Ext. Speaker Out, Vibrato Pedal
Dimensions: (H) 20 x (W) 32" x (D) 11 1/2"
Rough Blonde Tolex with Beige Grill Cloth
Brown Dog bone handle. Chrome Corners, Tilt back legs, Piggyback Hardware
2 x 12" Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers or 1 x 12" Tone Ring
Accessories Speaker cable & Vintage single footswitch included . Cover sold separately.