About Us
Luxe-Tone Amplifiers is a small company, where I build every amp from start to finish myself. Amps are built to order, there no on-shelf inventory other than parts. This allows me to keep the quality control of each amp up to high standards.
Only the best components are used to achieve great sound and TONE. I test all components before initial installation, then I test and break-in all chassis before mounting in cabinets. Cabinet shells are made by a long time carpenter friend and deliver to me, where I do all the final sanding, shaping, fit, covering and hardware installation.
All Luxe-Tone Amplifiers then go through a breaking period to insure that all is perfect before sending out to Customers.

Luxe-Tone Amplifiers, Hand built, with that artisan touch.

Luxe-Tone Amplifiers, The Sound of Yesterday . . . Today!