63 Brownface Fender Vibroverb Magic Brownie "The Pint" - Combo Amp
Mini Single Channel 2x 6L6 AB763 Combo Amp. Based on the famous second channel of a Fender® Super Reverb (AB763 circuit), 40 watts of power, lush spring reverb and deep tremolo (** Tremelo shut off option**) this baby comes with two speaker choices -
4 x 8" or 1 x 15" Ceramic 75watt.
All this in a small portable package 36-38 lbs. Fender® Super Reverb weighs 70 to 80 lbs.
This is a one of a kind amp and the Ultimate club amp, with power to spare.
Extention cabinets sold separately, availible in 1x15", 2x10", 4x8" speaker configurations.

Prices: $ 1950.00 (not including CA sales tax - 50% non-refundable deposit required)
Contact us about purchasing "1/2 Pint"

Compared to a full size Fender® Super Reverb











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Front View 1
"The Pint" - Front View
- Front View 2
"The Pint" - Front Panel
- Front View 3"
"The Pint" - Super and Pint
- Angle View
"The Pint" - Angle View
- Back Panel View
"The Pint" - Back Panel View
- Back View 4x 8"
"The Pint" - Back View 4x 8" Speakers
- Back View 15"
"The Pint" - Back View 15" Speaker
- With Ext. Cabinet"
"The Pint" - With Ext. Speaker Cabinet
- Stacked With Ext. Cabinet"
"The Pint" - Stacked With Ext. Cabinet

Sound Clips:
With Stratocaster Reverb.

Overdrive with Stratocaster.

With Stratocaster Tremolo & Reverb.

Michael Colton Demo.

Owner's Manual

Power 40 Watts
Cabinet Dimensions: (H) 21" x (W) 20" x (D) 9 1/2"
Black Tolex with Black/White/Silver Grill Cloth.
Black handle. Chrome Corners
Tilt-back cabinet legs
Black and White Faceplate with Vintage Skirted Knobs

1 X JJ GZ34
2 x Groove Tube GT-6L6GE (Power Tubes),
2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7 in V2 V5 (Preamp Tubes)

Output Transformer Mercury Magnetics
Power Transformer Mercury Magnetics
Controls Front: Vibrato Channel -2 Inputs, Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity (Switch to remove tremolo from circuit)
Rear: Fuse, On, Standby, Speaker Out, Ext. Speaker Out, Vibrato Pedal, Reverb Pedal, Reverb Output, Reverb Input

4 x 8" WGS G8C ceramic speaker.
1 x 15" Eminence 75 watt Vintage Ceramic Speaker.
2 x 10" WGS Veteran 10 Ceramic Speakers

Accessories Vintage Style Footswitch included. Cover sold separately.