Blondie-B 6G6B Bassman Clone"Harp-O-Matic" - Blues Harmonica Combo Amp
This Harp amp was built to keep up with a stage band, Based on a Fender® 5C5 Tweed Pro circuit the Harp-O-Matic delivers 40 watts of Chicago compressed Blues Tone. 2x 6L6 and GZ34 tube rectifier, cathode biased circuit delivers crunchier vintage tone. 2 channels, one for Hi output mics (Green Bullet) and one for low out mics. Different preamp tubes may be used 12AY7, 5751, 12AX7. There is also a Line out with level control, great for PA or recording .

$1325.00 (does not include CA sales tax or shipping - 50% non-refundable deposit required)
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Front View 1
"Harp-O-Matic" - Front View
- Side View
"Harp-O-Matic" - Side View
- Back View"
"Harp-O-Matic" Back View
- Back Angle View
"Harp-O-Matic" - Back Angle View
- Back Panel View
"Harp-O-Matic" - Back Panel View

Owner's Manual

Power 40 Watts
Cabinet Dimensions: (H) 19 x (W) 22" x (D) 10 1/2"
2-tone Tolex with Black & Beige Grill Cloth
Hand Sewn Leather handle. Chrome Corners,
Black chicken head knobs
Tubes 1 x JJ GZ34 (Rectifier)
2 x JJ 6L6GCs (Power Tubes),
1 x JJ 12AX7 1x JJ 5751 or 12AY7 (Preamp Tubes)
Output Transformer Magnetic Components
Power Transformer Allen Amplifiers

2 Inputs - 1 x Hi-Channel - 1 x Low-Channel
1 x Line out , Line Level
Hi-Channel Vol, Low-Channel Vol, Tone, Pilot Light, Power, Fuse, Standby

1 x 12" Alnico & 1 x 8" Alnico or (Standard)
1 x 10" Alnico & 1 x 8" Alnico or
2 x 10" Alnico or
1 x 12" Alnico
Accessories Cover sold separately.