BBeefyTeen Bass Amp'PreTeen - Preamp
After building the BeefyTeen head amp where one feature that it had as well as the original B-15's was an External amp jack. A friend ask me if I could build the pre amp section so it wouldn't be necessary to drag around an extra speaker thus the PreTeen was born. The PreTeen is the tone circuit from the second channel of iconic Ampeg B-15NB and B-15NC Portoflex which have the tone stack before the volume control. Just like on the Ampeg B-15 and BeefyTeen, PreTeen uses a 6SL7-GT octal preamp tube and a 5AR4 rectifier tube. The PreTeen can be used with much more powerful amp such as a MarkBass SS amp or plug into a DI in the studio either way you get the warm sound of "The 60's Bass" tube amp.

$750.00 Head Only (does not include CA sales tax or shipping - 50% non-refundable deposit required)
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Front View
PreTeen - Front View
- Back View
PreTeen - Back View
- Front View Lit Logo
PreTeen - Lit Up Logo

Owner's Manual

Power N/A
Cabinet (Head) Dimensions: (H) 7-1/2" x (W) 13" x (D) 7"
Carbon Fiber Tolex
Black Stitched handle. Black Corners
Black and White Faceplate with Vintage Black Radio knobs
Tubes 1 x Tung Sol 5AR4 (Rectifier Tube),
1 x Tung Sol 6SL7-GT (Preamp Tube)
Power Transformer Classic Tone - Magnetic Components
Controls Front: Input - Volume, Treble, Bass, Power
Rear: IEC Fuse, Amp Out
Accessories Cover Included.