Luxe-Tone Amplifiers,
Hand Crafted Vintage Style Tube Amplifiers.

Each of my amps are hand built to order, one at a time, with care, quality and TONE in mind.
I do not make "CLONES", What our amps ARE, is custom circuits BASED on some old great ideas, which in itself is not new to the industry.
To insure the best in vintage sound and tone, we use the highest quality components available, including, vintage style black circuit fiberboard, Switchcraft jacks, lacquered cloth-insulated 22 gauge solid core wire, CTS pots, carbon composition resistors, Carling switches, premium tube sockets, and to insure safety, all our amps come with 3-prong grounded a/c power cords.

I use high quality Iron including Mercury Magnetics, Hammond and Magnetic Components transformers. Our Coupling caps are Mallory 150, Cornell Dubilier, Sozo Blue and Yellow Vintage, and Silver Mica caps. For electrolytic capacitors, we use Sprague Atom, Miec, Mojo and Tech-Cap. Speakers include Eminence, Weber, Celestion, WGS.

We also make our own cabinets on site from solid pine, with 1/4" box joints corners for strength. All covered in quality Tolex and Hardware.
Here at Luxe-Tone Amplifiers building amplifiers is a passion.

Luxe-Tone Amplifiers, The Sound of Yesterday . . . Today!